Jose bans the press

Last updated : 13 March 2007 By Paul Lagan
Jose has decided to no longer speak to the press "until further notice."
Riled by newspaper reports that he is going to Spain and manager Real Madrid next season - reports that have circulated many times before, and come from a number of Spanish media sources, Jose has decided that he is taking his ball home and is not playing with the bad boys anymore.
Those nice radio and TV people, which mummy and daddy like so much will be invited in for tea.

In a statement attributed to him, Jose states: "It is a shame that the English written press cannot accept simple truth and reality and have transformed an objective and respectful answer into controversy.

'The answer I gave in Spain, which I repeated during yesterday's press conference at Cobham, was that it would be an honour to manage a big club like Real Madrid but never before 2010. I have a contract with Chelsea, I love the club and love working here and I love English football. There is no chance I could be available for a job at Real Madrid next year.

'I would also like to add my total respect for Fabio Capello. Real Madrid cannot have a better manager than the one they have now.

'I cannot accept the fact that the press have completely changed my words and have created untrue headlines.

'Until further notice I will not be available to the press except for TV and radio commitments around our matches.

'I repeat, I want to be at Chelsea until 2010. That is my desire.'

Now the cynical side of me suggests that this is a calculated move by Jose to pressure Roman into action in regard to his future and the future of his team.

Last week Jose stated that he will not resign and that he will leave Chelsea either at the end of his contract in 2010 or by the sack.

Now by appearing to take a moral hight ground stance, he is putting the ball firmly in the court of Roman Abramovich - it's forcing Abramovich to either sack him or back him.
Jose wants to start preparing for next season. To do that, the players he has earmarked need to be approached now and preliminary contract details sorted out.
Those top-class players might not want to come to a club in turmoil with little prospect of success if Jose is not the manager.
John Terry and Frank Lampard are in delicate stages of contract re-negoitations. The success of which could hinge on Jose still remaining as manager.

Using the press as a means of applying internal pressure is a cute tactic by Jose and his advisors.

If he was so upset with the press, then by all means ban the ones printing the so-called untruths and let us lovely, nice journalists do their work - just like he wants to do his work. So Jose, drop me an email on

Roman , the rest is up to you.

Oh! and Chelsea's FA Cup replay against Spurs on Monday will be shown live on BBC1.