Joe Cole for Tevez?

Joe Cole for Carlos Tevez? What do you think - is it a goer?
With the suggestion that there is no new players bought this transfer window time, it got me wondering what would be the best business and footballing deal this January.
One national tabloid seems to suggest this week that our Joe was miffed at the number of times he was substituted by Luiz Scolari.
I don't know the veracity of those suggestions but Scolari seemed to suggest it was okay if the club sold a couple more players.
Now bear with me on this.
Up in sunny Manchester Carlos Tevez seems to be in hot water for suggesting that he has not been contacted in regards to a permanent deal.
Tevez was signed on loan last season and United must pay £32m to get him permanently.
Tevez might have been worth £32m last year but in the current economic climate United won't value him so high.
So what do they do? Do they stump up the £32m five-year deal he wants or do they end his loan deal at the end of the season and walk away?
They could and probably will try to sign him for a reduced fee.
But his advisors won't be happy about that option.
Tevez has hinted that he would leave United and would love to join Real Madrid - but could they afford him?
So that brings me back to Joe Cole. If he wanted assurances from Scolari about his future at Chelsea and was not given it, it might prompt a transfer request.
Cole would be highly-valued by many clubs and Manchester United would fit the bill from a playing point of view.
Chelsea could swap Cole for Tevez with relatively little money changing hands between clubs. A notion close to the heart of chief executive Peter Kenyon who hates to pay over-inflated prices.
This would benefit Chelsea who desperately need a player of guile and scoring ability and Tevez would provide that.
It would satisfy United who would be getting a player of Cole's undoubted ability.
It seems a nice fit.
Hopefully Chelsea will remain Cole's home and Chelsea will splash the cash for Tevez, thus giving the club a much-needed shot in the arm.
Let's hope that Scolari has had time to reflect on the last time his side went up north. After the Everton game a couple of weeks ago, neither he or Ray Wilkins came out to give his views on the 1-1 draw to the assembled media.
The reason for their non-arrival remains unclear but Chelsea-Mad is happy to confirm it had nothing to do with any influence from the club's media team.
Scolari was in characteristic dynamic mood following the draw with Fulham and also following another draw against Southend at the weekend.
Chelsea take on Carlos Tevez's (for now club) Manchester United on Sunday.
It's a must win game. Chelsea's next two away games are Liverpool and Aston Villa.
Those matches will go a long way to deciding Chelsea's title aspirations.

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