Grant fails in first major test

Last updated : 25 February 2008 By Paul Lagan
Avram Grant failed in his first major test as Chelsea's head coach/manager.
Having lost to Manchester United and Arsenal in the league and drawing hoplessly at home to Liverpool, Chelsea were odds-on favourites to defeat Spurs at Wembley yesterday.
Instead an inept team selction process, woeful lack of match tactics and an inability to instil a sense of purpose into the side resulted in Chelsea's worst performace of the season.
Quite what went on in terms of team selection is anyones guess.
If Grant can't even tell his own players he is leaving them out, what hope has he to explain it to the fans of the club- none whatsoever.
Michael Ballack only heard his omission when he saw the teamsheet.
There must have been a few choice words ringing out in German, Cockney, French and Brazilian as bizarrely, Ballack, Joe Cole, Florent Malouda and Alex were ditched from the team.
When players learn the team so close to kick off , how on earth can they prepare properly for matches.
There is very little time to work out set-play defensive duties.
This was evident for Jonathan Woodgate's extra time winner.
No one picked up the central defender and he had a clear sight on goal.
Should it have been Ballack?
When I asked Grant about this he said: "We all win together and all lose together."
So it was Joe Cole's fault , warming up on the sideline and the other 40,000 Chelsea's fans' fault.
No, Avram, it was yours and yours alone.
You will now have to win the Champions League or the FA Cup to redeem your already tarnished reputation and that of Chelsea's.
But as we have seen, when it comes to crunch time, Grant crumbles.