Grant demands respect

Last updated : 29 February 2008 By Paul Lagan
Avram Grant has demanded that we all respect his professionalism and that of his team.

Speaking at his Friday press conference ahead of tomorrow's match against West Ham, he then went on to attack the media for , well, actually I don't really know.
I think he's blaming them for commenting on the aftermath of Sunday's Carling Cup defeat to Spurs.

He accused the media of telling lies.
Well, all I can say Avram is if that's the case, sue.
I'm sure the money you make from the 'liars' in the media and from the mouths of thousands of Chelsea supporters will go towards the airfare to get you to Israel to complete your coaching award.
Flippancy aside, what were his advisors thinking of by letting him rant against the media.
Perhaps we should just write what comes from the mouths and pens of Chelsea's media department and copy and past their propaganda.
For the most part, Avram, in the UK we havea free media - if it's wrong, take legal action.

He says: "Wait with the knife a little bit and I will respect you more.
"From my heart, I have respected all the media in England very much although even when I came, they didn't give me any credit.
"They didn't behave so nicely, they took it too far instead of waiting two months but I didn't say anything. But since then, I have heard a lot of lies.
"I don't think because we lost one game, the media need to lose their integrity and create stories that didn't happen. Reporters need to respect their profession as much as I respect them."

All I can say to that is Avram: "You do your job, we will do ours."

Avram then went on to talk about player agents who were presuambly feeding journalists stories.

"Sometimes they (agents) leak things to the papers that they don't need to leak - but it is the papers' problem because they don't check the facts. We saw that this week - 95 per cent of the stories never happened - and I don't think it is because journalists create a lie.

So journalists don't create a lie yet they still lie - confused? I know I am.

More from Avram: "'It isn't because of the journalists we lost the game against Tottenham but the papers need to check the facts and not what the agents told them."

Well I'm glad it wasn't the journalists' fault Chelsea lost. Mind, if he had taken note of what many respected journalists said before the game, perhaps Chelsea would have won.

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