FIFA 20: Chelsea Fans Despair as Top 100 Ratings Are Revealed

​In just two weeks time football fans from across the world will be able to purchase the latest FIFA video game and the anticipation continued to build after EA Sports dropped the 100 highest rated players yesterday. 

If having their former star Eden Hazard, who made the move to Real Madrid over the summer, pointing to his new badge on the front cover of FIFA 20 was not enough to put Chelsea fans off this latest edition, then the grim viewing of the top 100 players will all but guarantee it. 

Eden Hazard

Not only does Hazard's 91 rating make him the fourth highest rated player in the game but there is now just one Chelsea player among FIFA's top 100. 

N'Golo Kante has maintained his 89 rating from FIFA 19 to become the game's third highest rated midfielder behind Kevin De Bruyne and Luka Modric. 

But as Chelsea's one and only inclusion in the top 100, fans have argued they their players have been vastly underrated this year. 


​​FIFA's top 100 list shows the challenge facing Frank Lampard, as he has just one of the top 100 players in the world (according to EA SPORTS at least). 

However, unsurprisingly, Chelsea fans are furious at the ratings and the fact that their side finished third in the Premier League and won the Europa League last season, yet possess fewer player in the top 100 than Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United. 



Fifa's ratings clearly have Chelsea fans worried.



​​The one redeeming feature of the new FIFA for Blues fans is that they will be able to sign some players for their club! 

Source : 90min