FA Cup Final prices include a 'Sven Surcharge'

Last updated : 17 April 2007 By By Artie Fufkin
If ever you wondered what type of supporter the new, corporate FA is most keen to look after, your doubts will have been eradicated by the ticket price rises announced today for the FA Cup final.
Those who can least afford it are being asked to pay a lowest price of £35, a whacking 40 per cent more than last season's "showcase". At the highest end of the scale, the wealthier will have to pay a top price of £95, a mere 5.5 per cent more than in 2006.
The price bands for 2007 are £35, £60, £80 and £95.
Chelsea have been rightly applauded for pursuing a policy of freezing regular season ticket prices and at the same time increasing revenue generation from 'corporate' and executive customers.
By operating a directly opposite approach, The FA will price normal wage-earners out of the new Wembley. Worse, they are working to exclude children too: only a "limited number" of concessionary seats at £17.50 will be available to under-16s. In other words, if I wanted to take my wife and children (15 and eight years old) and was unable to obtain tickets in one of the £35 areas, I will have to lay out a distressing £240 minimum. What a disgrace you are, Barwick!
Of course, we don't yet know what size the seat allocation is in each price bracket, but my view is that average fans are being asked to underwrite the debts incurred by The FA's arrant incompetence over the stadium development, as well as a certain ex-England manager's pay-off.
I for one am disgusted that we are being extorted with a Sven Surcharge, and believe it sullies the famous old final's name.