England boss unsure what an attempt on goal is

Roy Hodgson was a grumpy old man after watching England lose a second game in five days at Wembley.
Germany won 1-0 nil and the England boss admitted: "We did not show the quality I was hoping for.
"We did not convert chances and we sent home 150,00 people in past two games disappointed."
Converting chances? Hmm, well I can only recall one shot towards goal in this dull encounter.
Asked his thoughts on not having a shot in target, Hodgson bristled: What about Townsend's shot that hit the post, was that not on target?
"Er, No, it wasn't confirmed the assembled hacks.
To which Hodgson grumbled: "I rest my case."
Quite what case he is resting is anybodies guess, but perhaps resting Gary Cahill wasn't the best team selection as the goal came direct form a cleared corner which had Cahill been present, he probably would have cleared. instead Mertesacker had a clear header on target and more importantly in the back of the England net.
"Cahill was rested tonight. He and Jagielka have done well. Smalling played well tonight," said Hodgson.
"But we knew corners would be a problem for us tonight and we were not at our tallest."

But restoring his PR mode he went on to say that it was quite good year actually.
"It's being a great year for me and the FA we have qualified for the World Cup," he said.
"We have played two tough matches and used lots of players. The defeats won't take a shine off our good year when we qualified for the World Cup. We have a lot to look forward to next year.
"There will be a lot of players who will be trying to contest their play in the squad."
Hodgson believes that his side were more than a match for the side ranked second in the world and one of the favourites for next years World Cup in Brazil.
"It would be unfair to say it was a weak German side. It was a strong side - I thought it was quite even.
"I leant a lot from it. Hart played very well.
He was not snowed under. We shaded it territorially but they had better chances than us and Joe had some saves to make."

The Three Lions walked off the pitch with boos echoing round their ears.
"It always disappointing to get boos, we don't want boos, we want to walk off the pitch with applause like we had against Montenegro and Poland games," he said.
"But to get that level of acclaim we need to play better and win.
"But we sent 85,000 people home disappointed," he admitted.