Don't get too comfortable, Rafa

Rafa Benitez is the new Chelsea manager, albeit in an interim basis.

The ex-Liverpool boss who went head to head with Jose Mourinho with reasonable success takes over from sacked Roberto Di Matteo.

Benitez will meet the Chelsea players at Cobham tomorrow and read the riot act.

He will set out exactly what he expects from the, ahead of the crunch league meeting with Manchester City on Sunday.

But he will need instant success. The Chelsea boys fully understand that the Spaniard is an interim boss and that Pep Guardiola is still Roman Abramovich's preferred choice.

That means the players know he will be out on his ear come July.

That is conditional on Guardiola accepting the poisoned chalice, of course, and his agent will be one busy man in the coming months to ensure that 'sabbatical boy' gets the best possible deal.

The message boards have been buzzing with news of Benitez's arrival all day, and many of the posters with a Chelsea leaning have welcomed the news.

In fact several have said they will never enter Stamford Bridge while he is in charge. Others are planning boycotts.

However what can be said is that Stamford Bridge will be full to brimming on Sunday.

Where Chelsea will be this time next year is anybodies guess. Almost certainly they will have a new manager in charge.

Welcome Rafa but don't get too comfortable.