Don't ban our 'on pitch' fan

Last updated : 20 March 2007 By Paul Lagan
Chelsea should not attempt to ban the Chelsea supporter who ran onto the pitch last night.
Chelsea had just recorded a regulation but hard-fought victory over Spurs in the FA Cup Quarter-Final replay.
Just as the players were celebrating in front of their own fans, a man ran onto the pitch and headed straight towards Frank Lampard.
Frank ducked the attempted blow from the thug. At the same time a Chelsea fan was also on the pitch but after what appeared to be an exchange of a few words with John Terry, the man started to leave the pitch.
JT appeared to give the Chelsea fan the thumbs -up - as if to suggest that all was well and could he please return to the stand.

It was clear that the Chelsea fan was more alert than the sleeping stewards who allowed the Spurs man to enter the pitch in the first place.
Our fan was probably trying to stop this bloke from harming one of our players.
Chelsea should honour this guy and not try to ban him.
It would be a travestiy of justice and one all supporters should back.