Didier Drogba Opens Up on Legendary Career & Praises the Best Manager in the World Jose Mourinho

Following his retirement, Didier Drogba has revealed some of his favourite moments of his career, and was full of praise for former manager Jose Mourinho.

The 40-year-old is widely regarded as one of the finest strikers of his generation, netting 104 goals in 254 Premier League appearances with Chelsea. Spearheading the Blues' attack, Drogba scored decisive goals to lead the club to huge success, including the winning penalty in the 2012 Champions League final.

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Speaking to ​BBC's Football Focus, Drogba admitted his pride looking back on his 20-year career. He said: "Who would have thought this kid from Ivory Coast would have his banner in the stadium of one of the biggest clubs in Europe?

"It was my dream, I think it was quite an achievement and I'm proud of this twenty years of football. When my early years in Ivory Coast as a young kid, always with his mum and dad, life was not difficult but it was not easy as well. 

"I started as a right back and my uncle came to me 'why are you playing as a right back? Because in the family we only have strikers, you are a striker so don't play there no more'. 

"When we moved to another city, I came and introduced myself as a striker which I had never played. Lucky enough that season I scored 40 goals, I think that's where everything starts."

He moved to Chelsea in 2004 to work under Mourinho, and the duo went on to win ​Chelsea's first ​Premier League title for 50 years. Drogba admitted he was glad to be part of such a historic team, saying: "I know this team will be remembered forever by Chelsea fans. 

"I really, really am proud to be part of this special team winning the first trophy after 50 years I know people will still talk about it.

Chelsea Training & Press Conference

"Jose Mourinho is someone really special to me and we share a special relation because when he decided to sign me he changed my life because he put me in a situation where I could have an impact on my career.

"He told me 'if you want to be the best you have to come and play with the best team and one of the best managers in the world, no, the best manager in the world'. So that's what I did and the rest is history."

Finally, he discussed his winning penalty in the Champions League final, revealing that that was the personal highlight of his career. He said: "I think if it was a movie, I don't know if we could have a scenario better than this one. I think it was for me the best moment as a player."

Source : 90min