Club's spin makes them look foolish.

Last updated : 20 April 2007 By Paul Lagan
Is Jose ready to compromise and agree to a director of coaching to be appointed over him.
If that's the case, then according to reports, Jose will remain at Chelsea next season.
Reports also suggest that Chelsea have offered Jose's job to Bob the Builder and Dusty Bin.
The leaks from the club seem to be their way of countering Jose's impressive projection of being the wronged man.
However the leaks simple make the club look foolish.
What all supporters want is a statement of intent for next season.
The idea that Chelsea's title and cup ambitions will be derailed by the termination of Jose's contract now is misguided.
The continued speculation undermines the players and discredits 'Brand Chelsea'.
If the club had shares, their value would be falling by the day.
This all reminds me of a couple of season's ago when Claudio Ranieri described his position as the "Dead man walking"
He knew he was out in the summer and was paid well for his silence.
But that statute of limitation will run out and he will contractually be able to tell his story.
It will make for fun reading - but not for Roman.
Jose is the new dead man walking, but unlike Claudio, his stock has risen since coming to the Bridge.
Jose for England- well why not?
Jose out of English football, well, we will all be poorer for that.
Except Manchester United and Liverpool of course.
Arsenal are in their own particular battle.
That will push Jose off the back pages for a few days, but he will be back.