Chelseas Jose Mourinho - King of the mind games

However, Chelsea fans should be mindful that it is normally not wise to return to a previous employer. Whilst his relationship with Roman Abramovich at the moment seems to have been repaired, it will not take much for the cracks to re-appear and there will undoubtedly be a period of re-acclimatisation for Jose Mourinho despite having world class players at his disposal. Whether his relationship with the boss remains on solid ground during this time will be interesting to see.

In many respects it is a shame that Sir Alex Ferguson has stepped down, as the mind games that both he and Jos? enjoyed (normally at the expense of each other) were legendary, and none of the remaining crop of managers are in the same league when it comes to mind games. So, Jose is likely to have a free run at digging out the likes of Moyes, Wenger and Pellegrini, as they are not known for their own mind game tactics ? well not yet anyway. With Sir Alex moving upstairs I am sure he will still be a major influence at Old Trafford and he will be guiding David Moyes on the art of being a master mind game player. With Jose?s Chelsea visiting United for their first game at Old Trafford we will see if the old masters influence has rubbed off on David Moyes already.

Either way football fans will relish the battles that loom and with many big transfers still not concluded, the destination of the next Premier League title is far from certain.


Source: DSG