Chelsea go top after sleepy win

Last updated : 25 August 2007 By Paul Lagan
Chesea boss Jose Mourinho hates international weeks.
The Blues go top of the Premier League after their sleepy one-nil win against powerful Portsmouth, but the manner of the performance is understandable according to Mourinho.
After international matches some player's come back happy, some sad. Some come back disgruntled.
"The thing is I can't prepare the team that much is certain.
" I like to know the team on a Monday for a fol,lowing saturday's game.
" I prepare the team for that nact.
"But now I have some playewrs coming back Thursday, some Friday - it's impossible to prepare.
" I just name the team and send them out to play.
"But I undertand this and I am not frustrated by it.
"The team cannot concentrate as well as they should and you have to give Portsmouth credit - they played weel.
They ghave a good team and a good manager who organises his side well.
"In the first half, my soide were sleepy - I had to wake them up at half-time.
"But I'm happy with the three points.
"But I want to play better."
Speaking about his sometimes underfire vice-captain, Jose said: "I trust Frank Lampard. he has scored four goals in four matches and won many points for us. I am certainly not critic of Frank's"

Deafeated Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp was unusally chipper about their defeat.
"We had no real problems for 20 minutes," said Redknapp.
"Then Frank does what he does best, coming in late to attack the ball. We knew all about it but in that instant could not stop him.
"We were always in the game - right up to the end.
"Mutari and Kanu were outstanding for us.
"Chelsea and the other big three will be in the running for the title. I'll be happy with ninth, like last season.