Chelsea 'Break Lockdown Rules' to Strike Deals for 2 Academy Prospects

Ah, Chelsea. Have you ever tried not breaking rules to sign academy players?

The Blues served six months of a one-year transfer ban after being found guilty of 150 breaches of UEFA's regulations when it comes to signing young players back in 2019, because bolstering the academy is clearly that important to Chelsea.

Well, it looks like Chelsea are back at it again, albeit on a much smaller scale this time. As noted by, the Blues' head of recruitment and another academy staff member were pictured visiting the homes of two players who will be eligible for Under-9s football next season, despite the UK being under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

There's not going to be another transfer ban, but there definitely will be a firm slap on the wrists from the club's hierarchy.

Academy rules state that clubs must wait until the third Saturday of May every year to sign new Under-9s, so there is usually a frantic rush as clubs from across the country try and snap up the best talent on offer.

Chelsea FC v Everton FC - Premier League

This year, things have slowed down because of lockdown regulations, but Chelsea just can't go too long without breaking a rule to sign an academy player. In fact, rumour has it that the Blues will actually cease to exist if they go six months without a recruitment controversy.

A rival scout is quoted as describing Chelsea as 'disrespectful' and an unfair attempt to steal an advantage over the other sides who were unable to tie players down to physical contracts because of the current situation.

One of the two players in question had been closely monitored by a rival Premier League side, although it is believed that Chelsea were simply acting to strengthen their own youth setup, rather than intentionally steal a player from under the nose of another side.

Here's an idea though - just do things normally next time, yeah?

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Source : 90min