Business as usual this week at SW6

Last updated : 28 February 2008 By Paul Lagan
What a nightmare week it's becoming.
After the debacle of Wembley we now have the revelations of a supposed training ground bust-up between JT and Chelsea's next manager - old hard man Henk ten Cate.
With Roman at the training ground watching the proceedings, it did cross my mind that perhaps all this handbags at dawn rubbish might just have been for Roman's benefit.
Avram's Grant's number two, ex-Barcelona coach Ten Cate must have loved his hard-man image getting the eyes from Roman. But was Roman impressed?
Does the Dutchman think it will do him any good in the long run?

Facing up to the club captain and an asset well in advance of his own, I suspect Ten Cate scored a spectacular own-goal here.
Perhaps JT wanted Roman to see just what goes on at the training ground.
Perhaps he wanted Roman to see the frustration that had been brewing all week in regard to selection for the cup final but also the bizarre selection in the midweek Champions League match.
Either way, the media heat is off Grant for a couple of days.
Roman is lining up a £100m warchest to hand his buddy in the board in the summer.
By then Grant might have made it to the end of his pro licence and actually passed - don't hold your breath.
I expect Drogba and Sheva to moved out to pastures new.
With Lampard failing to talk contracts until the summer, Chelsea may lose patience with him and decide they cannot wait for the outcome to work in their favour.

They may call Frank's bluff and put him on the transfer list and wait for offers.
There will be no shortage of takers for Chelsea's 101-goal machine.

But that's for the future. For now expect Grant to come up with some brilliant tactical and man-mangement decisions in the next few days as the Blues head across London to visit their east London cousins on Saturday.

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