Blues offer JT possible olive branch to remain at Stamford Bridge

John Terry's anmouncement to the press at the end of this aftermoon's FA Cup win over MK Dons  that he won't be offrered a new deal and will be leaving the Bridge at the end if the season has seen the club react with a possible olive branch.

Terry told the hacks, including Chelsea-Mad that his agent contacted the club before the Arsenal match last week regarding a new deal but the answer was no. He then had a face-to face meeting with the club with a similar outcome.

But now a club spokesman is suggesting a softening of that situation and it could be the case Terry might stay.

A spokesman told Chelsea-Mad this evening: "John requested a meeting with the club the week before last.
"In that meeting he asked about the possibility of an extension to his existing contract. 
"John was advised that while no new deal was currently on the table, that situation could change in the coming months.
"The club has the utmost respect for John and everything he has helped us achieve to date. 
"He is a fantastic servant of Chelsea Football Club and a superb captain and, as such, the club will keep the channels of dialogue open."

So what does this mean in reality?

It's difficult to tell for sure, but fans' reaction to the news of JT leaving has been strong in its condemnation of the club's stance.

The coming games at Watford on Wednesday and the meeting of Manchester United at Stamford Bridge at the weekend will provide a litmus  test as to what the fans want from the club.  

It's certain that if there is a chance Chelsea can keep Terry and Terry wants to stay on the club's terms, then fans' reaction will be vital.

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