Blues fans respond to Mourinho

In their last home match Mourinho said that he felt the league leaders had been ''playing in an empty stadium'' but against West Brom on Saturday afternoon they reached a decibel level of 83 out of 120 in the opening minute of the game, just one decibel below United, last weekend's highest.

In a bid to try to see how the Stamford Bridge faithful would react, Press Association Sport armed reporter Simon Peach with a 'Sound Meter' smartphone application which would attempt to record decibel levels at this weekend's games.

In the interests of fairness, all samples were taken from kick-off to the 60-second mark, the highest recorded point has been used and, as no goals were scored in this period, the decibel levels can be considered to have been generated in similar circumstances.

While this level of research can in no way be considered scientific and is nothing more than a rough guide, it does indicate that despite United having around 30,000 more fans last weekend, they were only slightly louder than Chelsea.

Prompted by the stadium announcer who encouraged the home fans to get behind their team , the Blues' fans bellowed 'Jose Mourinho' reaching a high of 83db and not dipping below 75db, despite a lack of any meaningful action in the opening minute

The results will be of no surprise to Chelsea Supporters' Trust chairman Tim Rolls, who told Press Association Sport: ''He's very, very popular with the fans; I would expect people would respond to it.

''I would anticipate at the start of the game he'll get a big cheer, they'll chant his name and there will be lots of chanting.

''I would expect a good atmosphere on Saturday.''

Source : PA

Source: PA