'Be patient,' says Clarke

Steve Clarke is telling the faithful to be patient for the title.

I suppose after a 50 year wait, we will hang on for a little while longer.
A win on Saturday against Fulham and Arsenal not beating Spurs on Monday will hand the trophy to us.

So, yeah Steve, I guess we have to wait.

Chelsea wheeled in reliable Steve for the post-match media conference after last night's exhausting 0-0 draw with Arsenal.

Clarkey is familiar to the Blues following but not a global icon like Jose Mourinho.

As Steve was going through the motions, asking questions from disillusioned hacks who would have preferred the manager - one Italian female journo, prodded me in the side and whispered to me: "Who is that speaking?"

It prompted me to think if the communications department are able to control their manager.

While Jose is speaking to the press though a "source" and then going on Portuguese TV to air his views, don't you think he is selling his fans here a little short?
Don't you think he is, at the same time, cocking a snook at Chelsea's own attempts to promote their club in a positive light?

The assembled hacks can guess if Jose will attend the conference. If he attends the pre-match one the day before a game, there is a good chance he will attend the post-match one.

He is due to attend this Friday's one, so I'm assuming we will have the opportunity to have a word with the self-styled "chosen one" on Saturday.

With the boys accelerating towards the title and a Champions League semi next week - It is the perfect time for Jose to come out of the woodwork and start his mind games on Benitez.

Sorry Steve, we love ya and all that, but it's time to take a back seat.