An open letter to Eden Hazard

We fans, know youÂ’re going through a tough phase at the moment

But hey, which professional footballer hasn't been there? All footballerÂ’s have a bad phase in their career

That doesnÂ’t mean the fans will stop believing in them

There is no reason as to why the player should stop believing in himself as well

ItÂ’s how you, as a player, back yourself and don't lose hope

ItÂ’s how the fans stand by the player and cheer him through the good and the bad

Not only footballerÂ’s, every person has a tough time and itÂ’s all about how that person fights back to overcome it

Well, thatÂ’s what we fans are doing Hazard

We still believe in you

We are still waiting for that old Hazard to be back

We miss that Hazard who would single-handedly dribble past player after player and create chances and provide assists for his team mates to score

We miss the Hazard who would send tremors down the spine's of opposition defenders

We miss the Hazard that would cause the opposition manager headaches and would make them use plan A, B, C and so on to try to stop you, but in vain

We miss the Hazard who would always be available when the team needs him and get the team out of danger

Lastly, we miss the Hazard who would, in a very calm and composed manner, score penalties and make the whole world wonder 'how does he manage to score every time without looking at the ball and without any power'


We do not care if you’re not touted as the ‘next Ronaldo', ‘next Messi' or as a matter of fact, the 'next anyone'

What we want is for you to be ‘the first Hazard’

And just like how footballers of today are hyped up to be the next Ronaldo or Messi, we want footballers of the future to be ‘the next Hazard'.

The fans know what youÂ’re capable of

You showed that to the whole world last season

You were named Players' Player of the Year for a reason

YouÂ’ve won so many individual trophies

There was no stopping you

But this season, there has been a drastic change in your performance

There has been a sudden dip in your form

As a result, some fans want you out, not to mention there have been rumors linking you to Real Madrid

Those fans do not know what they'd be missing if you left

Those same fans would want you back and would curse the club for selling you

Please do not leave Chelsea

The pain of watching Petr Cech play for Arsenal is bad enough

Stay at Chelsea, become a hero and retire like a legend

When people go through a tough phase, they try a lot of things to get back on track, and this was clearly visible by you as well

That penalty which you took against Stoke in the Capital One Cup, was not how I remember you taking penalties

Instead, you went for power and the shot was saved

During the tough patches, a footballer should stick to the basics and train well

He shouldnÂ’t try things which he hasnÂ’t practiced

IÂ’m not here to teach you how to play or correct your mistakes

For that, you have, Jose Mourinho, the best manager in the world

But it happens that during such situations, people forget these little things and I just wanted to remind you

Always remember, your family, your friends, your manager, the club and most importantly, we the fans, are always behind you

ItÂ’s just a matter of time until you regain your confidence and bring back the old Hazard.

We are just waiting for you to unleash your self and once again become ‘The Hazardous Hazard'

Stay positive, back yourself and come back stronger.

Source : DSG