Tears of sadness and joy

Last updated : 26 May 2005 By Mibbles AKA Picture Legend!

Well it all started as it ended for me, in tears.
I had just lost a very good friend in August just as the season was opening.
Man Utd the visitors very tricky opening.
The arrival of Jose, Robben, Drogba and Kezman left me with a feeling that this could be it - the final clog in the machine.
We all know the opening result 1-0 - what a start turning Manure over 3pts clear of them already.
The games came fast and furious and we where winning, not overall good displays, very tight and very nervy, but yes we where actually looking comfy.
The City (Manchester) defeat left a horrid taste to a game we had run from start to finish.
Then months moved on I went to the Dominican 5pts adrift of the Arsenal.
We were very lucky to see all the games on TV over there and all of a sudden we where top - been there before I thought. Now we need to remain there - Xmas came.
We all know how good we are at Xmas over past seasons but yes again very surprised we got 9 out of 9 and still clear (at the top).
I had just met with a few players and the confidence that shone from them when chatting was given me a new found hope I'd never felt any other year -we looked that good.
So Easter was closing in, still top, going great guns in Europe and the 1st trophy in the bag.
Was I dreaming or just living the same old story that we would bugger it up in the end.
The Carling Cup Final day was fantastic for all and every one associated with Chelsea.
The team spirit the players at the end of the game, the fans the all day was one big party.
Easter came and we where so close to that magical trophy that has alluded us for 50yrs.
Norwich, Crystal Palace and Saints put away and draw with the Brum,
then its here - the Arsenal game.
A game we should of won to have the trophy at home to Fulham on St George's Day and 50yrs to the day of the last league title.
But the draw was good enough for us.
Man Utd where dropping points left right and centre.
After the Fulham game we where so close you could smell it and taste it.
We needed a point to win and 3 to be sure.
This brings me to the tears again.
My kids where up from Southampton and didn’t go to Bolton. I sat indoors, all of us decked out in blue.
We survived a very bad first half display - then enter centrestage super Frank .
1-0, 2-0, well that was it me, the kids and missus jumping around like loonies, dancing to the house of pains jump around singing myself horse at the final whistle.
Fifty years was over, we were the champions.
I sat there crying like a baby and my kids asking if I was okay and crying with me.
I had waited nearly 37 years of my life for this moment that I never thought I would see.
The Charlton game seemed irrelevant, we where singing dancing in the stands and no one was interested I the game.
The after game presentation will live with me for as long as I live, and never witnessed celebrations in the bars and streets afterwards like it before.
I was lucky in that I was drinking with Huth, Dixon, Hudson and Walker and the 1955 team that day - all of this made it more special.
Then the trophy to have it in my hands and kiss it was remarkable experience that I could never ever witness as an old Saturday and Sunday player.
This to me as been the greatest season I have ever witnessed in my whole life .
And would like to wish and thank Jose and all the players the best wishes and thanks from me for fulfilling my every dream.
"Have you ever seen Chelsea win the league?"
Yes I have.

By Mibbles